No issues are more important than which parent a child lives with, or how you visit with your child.

Are you fighting the other parent for custody of your child?
Is the other parent not allowing you to visit your child?
Do you need to make changes to your existing visit orders?

Child Custody Attorney
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Custody: No issue hits you harder than the welfare of your child. No issues are more important than which parent a child lives with, or how you visit with your child. Custody is not only which parent a child lives with, but also the rights both parents have to a child – like the rights to make your child’s education decisions and medical decisions. Such tough decisions often leave parents disagreeing and struggling to co-parent, and the result is a custody battle.

When you walk into a courtroom facing a custody battle, have the Law Office of Dana D. Taylor leading the way. Through her 20 years of family law practice, Dana has fought many custody battles – for both mothers and fathers. Depend on Dana to educate you about joint custody or sole custody and about your parental rights. Dana and her team have the experience and know-how to prepare you and to prepare the facts of your case for a courtroom custody battle.

Visits: When you separate from the other parent, you need court orders to protect your right to visit your child. Dana and her team can guide you through the Standard Possession Order – the Texas visit schedule. Or, trust Dana for custom-made visits that fit your particular situation, like long-distance visits, supervised visits, and concerns such as alcohol and drug use around your child, or boyfriends or girlfriends in your child’s presence.

Enforcement: The time you spend with your child is precious time, and you don’t want the other parent withholding that time from you. When you are denied court-ordered visits, seek out the Law Office of Dana D. Taylor to enforce your visits rights and to gain back time lost with your child.

Modification: As your child grows older or becomes more active, you may need to modify, or change, your court-ordered visits to different days or times or a more flexible visit schedule. Or, as parents’ lives change, visit orders too may need to change. Dana has more than 20 years’ experience creating visit schedules that work for you, like adding or lifting residence restrictions, restricting visits to protect your child, or fighting for more visits with your child.

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