Legally establishing, or terminating, a parent-child relationship can be a complex issue.

Are you a man facing a paternity issue?
Are you a parent facing termination of parental rights?

Paternity & Terminating Parental Rights
Odessa – Midland, TX

The parent-child relationship is the most sacred of relationships, and legally establishing, or terminating, that relationship is of utmost importance. Texas law allows different ways for a man to be legally established as a child’s biological father. If you believe you may be a child’s biological father, call on the Law Office of Dana D. Taylor to represent you in establishing your paternity. Did you know that a mother or a father may be able to voluntarily relinquish his/her parental relationship to a child? Or, that either parent’s parental relationship to a child may be involuntarily terminated for one of the several reasons allowed by Texas law? When faced with these parent-child issues, trust the Law Office of Dana D. Taylor to terminate – or preserve and protect – your parent-child relationship.

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